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Project Management, Construction and Development Services 

Samui Paradise Properties have been established in Asia for more than 10 years, with myself Simon at the helm. I offer my services for development of projects and insight of over ten years experience on Koh Samui and in Thialand in general if you require advice servicing of projects as in running your building or development, with liasing with architect and work force as well as dealing with the local authority, tessa baan, and the legals also, please do contact me at Twitter @SiThai2004 

My first two years were spent gathering information and coming to terms with the property system in Thailand, the language the Thai ways, there will be problems everyday, but with my knowledge and experience, we solve these and move on...

(see the rest of this section). For the last ten years we have been planning and I have been running projects, advising clients on a day-to-day basis and developing resorts to very high standards.

Before this Asian venture, Simon learnt his trade the hard way, laying bricks for various companies in Croydon, Surrey, England. He studied at college and used the knowledge he gained solving problems for others, to start his own building company in 1981. Working mostly in the private sector, Simon completed many major projects before taking on his own developments - buying, converting and selling properties in the London area, for himself and other client's.

From around 2000, when the building trade boomed, health and safety issues became a major concern. Simon took it upon himself to become an expert in the field and spent several years advising local developers, who found his experience and common-sense approach invaluable.

In 2003, an opportunity to set up in Thailand arose and we haven't looked back.

If you could use our advice or have any questions about Samui Paradise Properties, please feel free to contact Simon at, or my company email 

If you need any help with building projects back in the UK, you can always have alook at our company website at