Simon's Ramble

 December 2013 

Generally flights transport and food are very expensive, and this Island of Samui,

is also very expensive to live and work here, but the pluses are immense as in the return on your investment, it takes time but it comes to fruition.

Remember also this is not europe, Asia has the heat the pitfalls of maintenance which has to be carried out or you will see the deterioration of your investment dramatically, I see many properties left without any sort of maintenance back up and well they are I would estimate in value down by 25-30%

This echoeing my opinion 8 years ago this would be a golden expensive island, for the rich and famous..this has happened and if you come and stay, you can get deals last minute, but the Japenese and the Chinese pay for service and they get it!

The Russian appearance is everywhere, we deal mostly with young Russians university educated, they are polite and listen.

The general European look at deals, going back the days when it was a backpacker island it has a few but they nip and tuck, with there money, and head for Koh Paqn Ngan, for chilled beaches and parties, Full moon half moon, quarter moon blue moon blimey!!

Lets hope we all get a sniff of the new beginning!



October November 2012

There we have recession over, lets party!

Nope, not that easy, here we have another false dawn by the powers that tell us we are moving forward.

We have rice suffering, rubber also, the weather has not helped, rain again stops the production of these essential commodities that help the North of Thailand produce there food chain.

So it will be a hard November for the farmers. 

On the holiday side, Samui is quiet and well it aint cheap to get here, unless you go by boat and train. Bikes not rented out hotels quiet....says it all.

Flights are available long haul, telling you that we are not having it all are own way, people are not having the disposable income to do the two weeks in Paradise.

Samui has become an expensive place due to the Thai baht converting to other world currencies, as not an affordable item as it used to be.

Lets hope Xmas will bring us a new dawn!!!! 



October / November 2011  

We are all suffering some less than others....

What we have seen on the news as well as in the media, the reports differ as to the affects of the heavy rainfall over the past three months in the north...The devastation it has caused as the flood water "nam tuam"makes it way south through Bangkok and we hope to the ease the economic effect as well as the families that have and still are suffering, through loss of life and no food, water, no homes in some cases.The trailing "CHAOS" through the provinces, we hope will rescind and life returns to these wonderful people.

The islands too now are in panic mode, provisions are dwindling, but you see the Thai people still smiling and working to get back to a normal way of life.

Hotels and rentals down, and many businesses suffering.

We all must take care, and be strong and move on when the moment arises.... 


August / September 2011

We move on and up?

Double dip my lips...or read my blog...three times, yep aint ended yet, and some .....

So, here we are sitting on a fantastic island, living the dream, and the world goes by!

Well yes and no, we read the internet, we read the expensive ex pat... The Sun, Well I don't but the masses of Brits and lovers of a bit of cold pork pie and pickle, 7,000 miles away, some do! So you see the cross section of not just Brits, and you add in to the list of starring Euro living the life here, it sees there lifes has changed also. The baht down, no more power to bht,  73/74bht to 1 GBP, gone of the halycion days of 2004....

45bht to the gbp, we can do the Euro the Danish Kroner, etc etc etc.. they too exchanging at alower THE in a deep recession.....

One little example of money being chased by the strapped, a major sports team which play in Europe, but they too need a dollar/ bht / gbp / make ends meet, have come to one of the major exchanges in the Asian belt, a better off area for money investment,  to float...says it all simple but true...stick it under the dad used to say!!Hold the front page !!!

 July 2011

Elections done and dusted...and well, it could be a new dawn of confusion and inflation, but lets hope not. Still in Samui very quiet, and  property companies are dropping prices, these being customer sales were they really are moving on or getting a better deal further up the food chain!

Rentals are still on the up with the work orientated clients and retired, and long term holidayers!!!! So a bit of gloom but no doom, and we are looking forward to a fruitful summer!!! 

June 2011 

So we are having a very very quiet time here, full on downer, but saying that we find the flights in the next month long haul are sky high in price! We are still flowing with longtermers and interest in sales are steady, now if this is the zone we are in well, we have to create interest.....keep plugging away....and stay positive....

April / May 2011

Laws and new stuff...

The company set up, well we all know how that works, and it has changed and...many more things may change...lets hope for the good with these new elections... 

Are old mate wants to cause a storm, but I think the Thai masses realise the right way to move...Forward!!!!!

That I believe will show the new investors, old investors, retirees, and what this beautiful country has....lots to offer.

Here quiet, but in a way progressive, as in not showing a lot but making moves in the right direction. 

But saying all this we are busy and 75% occupied, long term.....

The best clients we possess are eastern european, Russian, and Italy close behind with the german contingent not far behind!

So there we have it rain rain has gone away and now...sunshine...Fantastic.

And it is!!!

Join us! 

February/ March 2011

 If we had a crystal ball, we all would be aware of the pit falls and the disasters around the next corner. Weather, the economy etc....well....if only....


The weather now is getting warmer and the season of high has disappeared, and now the numbers are down, the motor bikes are back in the shops, equals.... not many short term visitors, holiday makers...well.... very scarce.

Long termers allways a joy as they stay enjoy and spend!! 

More required please!!

There are various distractions re the government, protesters, well in my view let the government in place, let them get on with it, there doing an ok job.


April 2010

Hotter and Hotter..... and that is not just the weather!!!!

What can we say, we being the non voting expats, not a lot, but we comment on all those holiday makers who want to come for a tropical break, and enjoy the sunshine the food and the warm welcome of the Thai people.

Yes you can still come, and it is even with the pound against the baht is up and down, it can be great value for money if you do your research.... 

Songran on the way, the Thai new year is one for the wetter people, yes you will get wet but enjoy, only one day here, but if your in the North you will get a week of it, mad as a box of frogs !!!!!

So hot is here and getting HOTTER!!!!!!!!!!!So not all bad just rumours!!! 

Now we are twittering, you can get me on Sithai2004. All these connections great for info and updates!

March 2010

Storm in a tea cup... or is  it a more severe item brewing...

So, we have seen the disruption after the court case, and we all have an opinion ..enough said.... work... sunshine...beaches.....good food... 

The hot season and the seasons of deals is nearly upon us!

Great hey... we all want a break, unless you book it, we tend not to do the deed, and delay...and put the Hols mode, on hold!

No!!!! just look at the deals, flights are cheaper than before, villas, accomadation all available at decent prices!

Remember one thing Asia, Thailand, Samui, is still a place to visit and we are are getting returning customers and we are full until May, so something is happening, lets hope for the good.

If we can all show that doom and gloom is not an issue and..if we wait things will become good, just keep the faith!!

Any further information please contact me on

February 2010

More trouble at mill.....

If this is good for the country...well Iam a mill owner..

What we think is the best way, sometimes, we get it wrong...

But if you cannot see the real picture now with what is happening, with the differences of opinion and the north split over the same old name coming to the fore front, of the protests, we will never go forward.

The captain of the ship is doing a job which he is showing the world, ok, we know the Thai way, lets not go there on that one, but he is gaining confidence in the Asean group, the west, and showing to be a stronger leader which many people, are surprised  by and is getting small but significent results.

Well Samui has been humming, and business steady, that was January, now February has shown an absolute upturn with bookings and sales with reductions and great deals...hold on, and you will get your price, sit tight, it is turning but slowly...if you are up against it, as my learned colleagues say, if it owes you, you will have to move it on but, if it does not, well hang on, sit tight and wait for the good times, that I say is excactly what I will be doing!!!!

Re your holidays, here for your money compared to europe, hotels, resorts, airline prices, all competitive, now have a look at one hotel which is advertised in Bangkok, which for £40.00 gbp, you are a King for a night or Queen, we still hear utter rubbish about.... oh Thailand etc third world, look at this link and you decide, and remember Samui again comes out on top with there hotels too.

Any questions or information please contact me at

January 2010

New year new sales......

The biggest mass exodus of people I have ever seen!

We are talking thousand's of people celebrating with there families, but first they have to get over the hurdle of travelling from the work placed south, right through Bangkok to Issan.

It was unbelievable, seeing hundreds of trucks with 5/ 10 / 15 people in the rear getting from A to B just for a three day break!!New year here is celebrated with gusto and fervor, drinking and eating the new year in!!!

The work on the islands Phuket Samui and coming up on the rails Koh Tao now developing which is all new, so there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel!

Or is it.......

As well as now trying to generate interest in the selling of condo's as in a type of time share, which seems to have had some success, coming under an alternative ownership scheme.

Samui has now getting the overhaul of new tar macadam ring road ending years of pot holes and puncturing of bike tyres!!!!!

Any queries or imformation please contact me at

December 2009

Recession.....3 phases, that is a fact!


There you go...Dubai.... the world next.... or is it just a storm in a tea cup....

It seems that we are all awaiting the new dawn......

When, will we get....

Properties on the move in the sale's market, people buying new cars, holidays being booked for the new year's getaway, when, or.... if....

Lets just hope we see the real clear picture soon.

Saying all this, holiday lets and rentals and sales, are glowing, this month... and airlines are booked up for the far east, you try and get a decent priced flight, nope, not around, unless you go via every unheard of country and get there 3 days later!!!

December 2007


Firstly we send Birthday wishes to H.M. King Bhumibol
Rama IX of Thailand
The World's Longest Serving Monarch.

With the election's proposed for the 23rd of this month, and all of the parties jockying for position, all the polls say PPP party, Leader Samak Sundaravej will be the next leader, but we have the Democrats, lead by Abhisit Vejjajiva, showing a 40% support with PPP party coming in at 55%, so there is still three weeks to get by, so may be there will be a shift in power, there are smaller, lesser parties that will make, I feel a close run thing between the big two, lets see hey, lets hope its for the good of the Thai people, and the foreign investment will be bouyed by the result.

Xmas around the corner, peak season nearly upon us, Bangkok Air struggling with the demand, delays already and the monopoly goes on.

We hope that they see the true picture and act on the purists view!

You have to say, Samui and Thailand in general has had a difficult year, with the Coupe and the uncertainty of what is happening, tourism down here, but area's like Phuket up.

So, lets just enjoy the sunshine, after the torrential rain of last month an unusual rain fall.

New Year here is celebrated with a mighty bang, the Thai people go out and enjoy, Sawadee Pi Mai, with gusto, smiles on the faces more so at this time of the year.

Xmas is really a Euro thing here, but the Thai's copy and enjoy, and that is one thing they do well, enjoy!

Golf, Scuba, Fishing, snorkeling, trips around Islands that you would have never heard of.

This is the place and it will only get better.

Happy Xmas and a Prosperous New Year to one and all!


Due to the Tsunami the tourist boards have generally favoured Phuket, but on the whole, the weather there in this month, July and August is more unpredictable, were as Samui has the less rain but still the sunshine and you can still get yourself a tan! Quieter beaches and the greater choice of accomadation. Post Tsunami....

Most of the larger hotels are doing extremely excellent deals due to the low season, so you can be staying at, what I would call a posh hotel, go for in the region of 35.00gbp per night, but that will not include breakfast, that's the trick you will find a lot of places will not include, normally 400.00bht per head, (6.00gbp) So best  you walk down to the beach get a Full English or a healthy fruit alternative, for 100.00bht (1.50gbp), and chill in the breeze from the sea and take in the fantastic beach and watch the world go by, saving yourself a tidy sum and getting some rays at the same time!


The  guide will be of how the rest of the world will see Thailand as in investment potential and as trading within the Thai structure, Carfour, Big C, Tesco.These major companies want to see the new business act, more flexible, with European investors.

There are rumours saying that European's will be given a total owner ship right on a small piece of Thailand, 1 rai of land has been banded about amongst other idea's which will give something that you would own outright.

The set up now is Thai company structure through 51% Thai 49% European.This has pit falls but only if you abuse the Thai system.

Now Foreign ownership is being given the go ahead, more than 50% is allowed, is now being put in place.

Pay your taxes and company structure updated every three months, and company audits once a year and there is no problem.

The other way lease this giving you the ownership of the house, leasing the land of a Thai company 30 years is the norm, and futher 30 years up to a total 90 years.There is a possibility that 90 years will become the norm, wait and see...

If the new goverment takes on board the idea's and feelings of foreign investors, holiday makers etc, Thailand will regroup and we all will benefit, Thai and European together

The reason is simple, the cost of living here is cheap compared to Europe and the weather activities and food well goes without saying, paradise!

Golf and Baan Si, in Samui can offer you a truly relaxing holiday!

Golf in Lamai now available!